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It is well known and documented that microbes (Bacteria, Fungi, and Yeast), have the ability to degrade hazardous organic contaminants or convert hazardous inorganic contaminants to environmentally less toxic or nontoxic compounds of safe levels in soils, subsurface materials, water, sludge’s, and residues by producing different types of enzymes, a process known as bioremediation . By exploiting their diverse potency, we have been successful in isolating and enriching these special microbial cultures and blending it into a formulation that could be used to address the problems of BOD, COD and Ammoniac Nitrogen in wastewater treatment.

Our company has a well-managed culture bank and ready to use bio-cultures that could be applied for Bioremediation and Bio-augmentation in wastewater treatment. We have two sets of products developed.

(A) Standard Bio-augmentation Products:
  1. Bio D-FOG
  2. Bio D-AMM
  3. Bio D-ORG
(B) Customized Products:
  1. KemBac – HC
  2. KemBac – RA
  3. KemBac – R
  4. KemBac – DN35
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